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Utah to Nevada

Driving from Flaming Gorge to Wasatch Mountain was not bad……high plains, mountains always nearby, wind farms, not many trees.  But driving from the Park City green mountains into Nevada was Crazy!  There are so many forest fires this year that the horizon is always smoky and driving into Salt Lake City was just odd with all that smoke hanging in the air.

That is all smoke on the horizon

Interstate 80 runs right through downtown Salt Lake City and winds and descends from 7000′ in Park City to 4226′ in Salt Lake.  While we drove it, the hazy smoke covered everything and prevented us from “seeing” the city.  Soon after you leave the city, the highway follows the southern border of the Great Salt Lake.  There is not much to see from the road; no trees or rocks or sandy shores, just water with the salt brine shore.  Then, just as quickly as it appeared, it is gone and the landscapes changes again.  We drove across the Salt Flats for what seemed like hours and hours (probably more like 1.5 hours!).

Great Salt Flats
There are frequent signs that warn against drowsy driving! I understand that!

After driving along it for so long, your eyes do start to play tricks on you…..

I cannot imagine traveling through this as a pioneer!
I don’t know if they need an exit for the Bonneville Salt Flats….couldn’t you just drive off the highway?

The smoke is obscuring the mountains in the distance and makes it feel like you are in another world without hills or mountains or trees or animals or ANYTHING!  But 4 miles further, we crossed into Nevada and saw our first casino of the trip and the salt flats were just a memory!

Nevada State Line … mobile homes and casinos!
The Carlin, Nevada Tunnel was our first of the this trip! Luckily, our Garmin knew the height and we were clear!

Further along, we got into a dust storm……lots of wind, not too much rain, just dust……

Dusty sun through the storm

Soon, we left I-80 and headed toward Fallon, Nevada to boondock at the local Walmart.  We met my cousin Roy & his wife, Linda, for dinner and good discussion.  Sometimes the company of family and friends is just what I need to fill my heart back up!

A rainbow at the end of a weird driving day! All is Right in the World!